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Gilding the Lily Since 1989... 

I hope that my work conveys a sense of humor, warmth and elegance. I believe in jewelry’s potential to be symbolic, sentimental, superfluous, necessary, and even hopeful. 

In much of my work, I use the remarkable lost-wax casting process. It enables me to transform soft, pliable wax into intricate metal objects. I leave marks on my pieces that emphasize that they are made by hands. Each cast piece is unique. To see this One-of-a-Kind Cast Work, follow Earrings or Rings, or Necklaces. 

Like a crow, I am drawn to shiny objects, pearls and gemstones. To help nurture this urge, I have created a line of jewelry inspired by a pair of ancient Pompeiian earrings. Choose Woven Wire to see this work.



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