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Raised in Columbus, Mississippi. Attended University of Georgia – Landscape Architecture Bachelor’s Degree. Currently living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, Charlotte Terrell began her education in the arts, in her home town of Columbus, Mississippi, where she grew up with an admiration for fine art, and historical architecture. One of her early influences is her ancestral antebellum home, among Mississippi's most noteworthy structures. It's finely adorned construction, and works of art, were Charlotte's introduction to 19th century painted finishes. Her work in mixed media is grounded in century's old painted finishes, and trompe-l'oeil techniques.


These paintings are romantic, meditative expressions of gratitude for the sublime beauty of open space, land and sky. They are intended to be restful and full of drifting movement where light hovers between the cusp of dawn, and twilight. There is delicateness in the work that hints at the possibility of decay and the open, expansive skies suggest grace and sacredness. Formally, I am drawn to the tactile nature of the plaster, in which I can indulge the tangible act of polishing the surface, leaving a rough edge, revealing layers, pooling juicy paint, and pouring glossy, translucent glazes over the surface.


• Artclectic, Nashville, TN - 2009
• Artrageous, Bennett Gallery , TN - 2009
• Harding Academy Art Show, Nashville, TN - 2009
• Brentwood Fine Art, Nashville, TN - 2009
• Artclectic, Nashville, TN - 2008
• Pierce and Company, solo exhibition, Nashville, TN - 2008
• Harding Academy Art Show, Nashville, TN - 2008
• Webb School , Knoxville, TN - 2008
• Brentwood Fine Arts, Brentwood, TN – 2007


• Lee Ann Rime
• Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Cyrus
• Josh Turner
• Vanderbilt Hospital
• Mr. and Mrs. John Prine
• Lee Ann Womack



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