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Natural Elements began as a new body of work a few years ago to carry forward the natural imagery that had been an integral part of my functional ceramic works for the previous fifteen years. This new line allowed me to focus and expand upon patterning, more intricate design, and the addition of a color pallet of varied and lush color.

Each piece begins as a slab or sheet of raw stoneware clay. These sheets are then cut to specific size and shape depending on the object to be created. The clay is then given its unique pattern by using a variety of chops (plaster stamps) that have been also hand created from the actual natural plant materials.

Pieces are then carefully and meticulously hand formed in order to create their finished shapes and function. Many pieces are cut several times, have feet, bottoms, handles, and spouts added. The shapes each altered in a variety of ways. This is a labor-intensive process and involved much individual handwork.

After drying for a period of days the work is bisque fired. This is a low temperature firing that “cures” the clay, making the pieces ready for the finish glazing process.

The glazes are all studio created recipes and are applied in a series of stages. Many of the pieces need three or four stage applications to get the desired effect.

The glazed work is then loaded into the finishing kiln and fire to their finished state. This brings out the beautiful color of the glazes and the fine surfaces that you see in each finished piece.

As a potter, I take great joy in creating a form, composing a surface, juxtaposing those same elements. I rejoice in challenging my own artistic vision and technique. Whether the surface becomes the wall of a vessel, the finial for a teapot cap, or the foot of a bowl, I use the clay as the medium for expressing that uniqueness, attempting to capture and reflect a particular moment in time.

Part of the true joy of creating functional art is in the handling and daily interaction with a finished piece of pottery. Each creation is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. It is my hope that each piece carries to you a part of that joy, bringing it into your home and into your life!



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