Art - Ceramics - Marty Fielding

Utility, beauty, and evolution hold me in a persistent relationship with clay. The inherent usefulness of pottery carries a long precedent as a palette for expression. My approach to working with clay evolves incrementally as I investigate a balance between function and aesthetic. Shapes and designs build upon themselves and new versions of form and decoration permeate the body of work and refresh the process. 

I have chosen to work on a slow turning treadle wheel for its tendency to accentuate the softness of the clay. While half of my work is thrown traditionally, the other half employs hybrid handbuilding techniques of assembling geometric shapes from thrown slabs. Applying wax to resist consecutive layers of glaze, I am able create contrast, depth, and motion on the surface. The work is fired in gas reduction to 2400 degrees.

The integration of shape and decoration is ultimately intended to compel the user to savor the piece. In a world where the pace only quickens, I hope to offer a moment of repose in each pot. 

Marty Fielding became interested in clay as an anthropology major at UNC Greensboro. He continued his study of ceramics both as a student and teaching assistant at Penland School of Crafts. Living and working in Middlebury, Vermont, his work is seen in several publications and is represented nationally in craft galleries and exhibitions.



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