Art - Ceramics - John Taylor

Each piece of pottery from Taylor Tile & Pottery is hand crafted from stoneware clay. After drying each is then brushed with a white slip undercoating and fired to harden the ware for glazing. The first step in the glazing process is the iron bath, which produces the rich warm undertones. After washing off the excess iron the pottery is ready for decoration with black slip. John paints the faces, birds, little guys in cars and the other quirky figures that distinguish his work. The last step in the finishing process is to apply a thin coat of clear glaze. The pottery is the fired in the kiln for two days reaching a temperature of 2230 degrees F. This produces a hard, semi-vitreous stoneware that is lead and barium free, and safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave. The layering of the slip, stains and glaze, combined with John’s unique whimsical drawings, make each piece truly one of a kind.



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