Art - Ceramics - Emily Reason

As a ceramic artist, I make functional pottery that maintains my devotion to quality craftsmanship along with creating visual and tactile beauty.

Each piece is thrown on the potter’s wheel, altered and trimmed, then carved, decorated and glazed on the surface. I am currently using a landfill-methane gas fueled kiln, which intrigues me to further explore alternative energy options so that I may be less dependent on conventional fuels as well as reduce my negative impact on the environment.

I am interested in the function of forms and the decorative surface that they lend themselves to. I strive to portray provocative, elegant and classic forms, complimented by glazes evocative of colors found in nature.

Emily Reason lives in western North Carolina where she is a part of a diverse crafts community, set amongst the Appalachian Mountains. Emily holds an Artist’s Residency at the EnergyXchange, a unique landfill initiative project that harnesses landfill-methane gas to fuel the pottery kiln in which she fires her pots.



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