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My interest in clay began in 1987 as a student at Berea College. My job in the ceramics studio as an apprentice was an epiphany. After a long search, I had found clay and it fit my hands like a glove. I worked as a production potter the entire time I was at Berea. By working in the ceramics studio, I was able to experiment with many types of clay, methods of creating, firing atmospheres and glazing techniques. An added benefit was the college's craft marketing program, which encouraged and guided students toward the possibilities of craft as a career.

My current work is focused on a production line of functional pottery and one of a kind raku pieces. My work is predominately wheel thrown although the slab roller is a frequently used tool. I enjoy melding wheel and hand built pieces into unique works of art. My inspiration comes from manipulating the clay. I find the most satisfaction in being able to carve into leather hard clay, completely changing the energy of a pot. 

I am continually inspired by the possibilities of working with clay, and it is my hope that my work conveys a sense of unique character and eloquence to the people who experience it.



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