Art - Sculpture / Wood - Dereck Hennigar

My work, in solid native woods, mixes established joinery, carving, and finishing techniques with my own Ordinary design perspective. While many pieces are one-of-a-kind and others are individuals of small series, all are made to last for generations, even to improve with age.

I originally called my work Ordinary Furniture as a response to the vast quantity of uninspired furniture produced in my native North Carolina under a wide variety of brands. As my designs have evolved and techniques improved, Ordinary Furniture has become an even more ironic name, but still one that acknowledges that no activity in human history is more common (or important) than gathering and cutting wood.

Ordinary Furniture is my solo wood shop, located in Green Creek, Polk County, NC, since 1993. Born in Asheville, I started working as a carpenter in Raleigh while attending NC State University, and I continue to learn about trees and how to use them. I strive to contribute to the millennia of woodworking before me and count among my influences modern sculpture (organic to geometric), Scandinavian furniture design, and the Appalachian craft tradition. I work much of the wood I use from local logs.




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