Art - Sculpture / Wood - Cathy Rose

Those of you who have known me have often questioned what my studio looks like, what the process of creating the work is, or even more frightening, what inspires me.

I've been a mixed media artist for 16 years, initially attracted to the challenges in using a variety of materials and methods. I have worked in many media including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and pottery, so it seemed natural to begin combining things. I've been strongly influenced by primitive and outsider art, which is known to combine and alter found objects. For several years I have been interested in sculpting the human form. I begin my work in porcelain, molding each figure or parts individually, without the use of casts or molds. After the firing process I assemble the porcelain with various wood shapes to form the figures. I embellish and alter using paint, glass, metal, fiber, or found object to enhance the work. I particularly enjoy the assembly stage of mixing textures and choosing various elements to complete a piece.

My work is personal in nature, drawing on my own experience and emotions, influenced by situations and events, making each piece a unique journalizing process for me. I sense that is why many people are drawn to my work, a recognition of a shared experience, a connection without words. This connection has been the most fulfilling part of my career as an artist.



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