Art - Sculpture / Wood - Akira and Larry Blount

Artist Statement


The energy and beauty of nature has always sustained me.  Woodlands, in particular, I find compelling. Most recently, in conjunction with Larry's love of working in wood, my love of natural materials has led us to explore how we might try to personify the spirit of nature as images of the playful, creative forces in nature.


Each piece is a combination of cloth and natural materials, most of which are collected personally from our farm and gardens. They have been treated with a special varnish to help them retain their moisture and flexibility.


My own creative impulse has been moving beyond the more traditional "doll" forms I have been known for over the past 30 years. Since early childhood, I've been absorbed by thee colors, forms, textures and smells of nature and I have always tried to incorporate these elements in my work. For the past 15 years, I have progressively used more natural materials, since they convey directly those elements of nature that I love.        




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