Art - Paintings - Lisa Jennings

Lisa Jennings works in many mediums creating textures, layers, depth and emotion and is always exploring as an artist to notice the subtleties of life in our world . . . to render them and in turn share these subtleties with the viewer in hopes that they, too, will ponder life and experience self.

"I want my work to be as intense, beautiful and spirit-filled as life itself, always offering a wealth of emotion for the viewer to consider. I'm not concerned so much with outer visual aspects of life, but rather the inner person, how life interacts with us, how we communicate our life's lessons, our joys, sorrows, wisdom and love."

Jennings mystical, spiritual creations are enjoyed by private and corporate collectors across the country. She attended the Nossi School of Art in Nashville and teaches sculpture and painting at the Young Scholars Program. Lisa resides in Franklin, Tennessee with her artist husband, Anton Weiss. 



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