Art - Paintings - Kim Eriksson

On a trip to Italy 10 years ago, Kim Eriksson found the views inspiring, literally. “As soon as I returned, I had to buy a set of oil paints,” she says, and hasn’t stopped painting since.

Each of her works is created with layer after layer of oil paint over a base of joint compound and acrylic gesso on canvas. Preferring spontaneous inspiration over careful deliberation, the artist usually begins with an idea of a landscape inspired by travels or the land where she grew up but says that the outcome usually has very little to do with the original concept.

“Each of my paintings is intended to recall a mood or a response to a particular place. I love the challenge of recreating the feeling of a scene- without a lot of unnecessary detail. I enjoy painting landscapes mostly because they remind me of where I grew up in Tennessee.”

Kim was born in 1971 in Maryville, Tennessee. She currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama and enjoys traveling for inspiration. Her work is in numerous collections, including First Commercial Bank in Birmingham, Alabama and Tempo Graphics in Chicago, Illinois. Kim is represented by Maralyn Wilson Gallery in Birmingham.



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