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Many years ago, before I was making art as my livelihood, I went to an exhibit of the last paintings of Mark Rothko.   Although I was acquainted with his work from art books and enjoyed the reproductions of his paintings from those books, I was unprepared for the profound emotional impact that his huge, brooding paintings would have on me.   In that moment I began to understand the role that art would play in my life.   Rothko’s work, for me, transcends intellectual reason.  It reached in and grabbed me.  At one level Rothko’s paintings are simply beautiful-in color and form.  But their beauty does not belie their power.   This is the lesson I try to remember when I am making art.

I see artists as receivers of cultural input who reinterpret that input to create new contexts for it.   When successful, the viewer is moved in some way-positively or negatively-to think, to feel, to act or to simply become opened up to something new. 




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