Art - Paintings - Robin Surber

Local artist, Robin Surber, owns an unusual portfolio. She holds a BA from UT in fine art and started out in ceramics. She now has many canvases to her credit and over the last decade has evolved into an in-demand mural artist painting scenes in both homes and public spaces up and down the east coast. Robin's paintings are simple, yet beautifully intriguing. They have a depth that is achieved by using a hodge-podge of mediums. Robin has always been experimental with her craft. Through trial and error using different mediums, she has learned "what works and what doesn't". This has made her fearless, allowing her to try new techniques and had afforded her paintings added texture and dimension. Her broad stroke, making actual features indistinct and vague, and colorful palate of oil or acrylic paints meld perfectly with  metal, pencil and ink, giving life to inspiration. As layer upon layer is laid down, the piece becomes a narrative work that tells  a story, many literally making statements with words scripted into the scene. As you begin to study Robins work and once you become sensitive to the lines of the painting, you will find many secrets hidden among the layers. Oftentimes Robin will paint the  frames of her pieces and they too become a layer, an extension of the painting.        



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