Art - Photography / Mixed Media - Jurgen Dopatka

While I have been pursuing both black & white and color photography since my early days into this art form, I have clearly drifted towards a very strong focus on black & white photography due to its unique possibilities of artistic expression. This is the zone where my conscious effort fades away and is taken over by a force coming from within.

Our world offers an infinite variety of shapes, form, surface, contour, lighting, reflection and texture. One of the most interesting parts of my work is the way I discover these cha racteristics in a variety of seemingly mundane subjects that would elude most casual observers. It is an intuitive thing that comes from years of wandering and observing. I typically don't go searching for any specific subject matter, but I know immediately when I have found it. Those discoveries are preserved in my prints to convey and share the fascination I have experienced when composing the image. Many times the image maintains a sense of mystery. My strongest images originate from unusual views of modern architecture and nature, followed by more traditional nature and landscapes images. Over the years, I also have been capturing vanishing ways of work and life to both preserve these views and get some insight to the wisdom those individuals have accumulated throughout their long lives.

All images offered were taken on traditional film, and archival printed on classical, proven papers, without any digital manipulation or digital processing anywhere in the process chain. Prints are offered matted, ready for framing or archival storage.

At this time, I restrict this website to black & white images, but continue to take color images as well.





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